History of the building

Tuchkov Mini-Hotel is located in the historic residential building built in 1899, which belonged to the merchant F.F.Spring at that time. The nearby location of the University became the reason for the residence of many scientists, such as academician Lebedev S.V., chemist Kurbatov V.Ya., plant physiologist and biochemist Kostychev S.P., as well as professor professor mathematician Posse K.A. In 1997, the film “Brother” was shot in the courtyard of this house.

The location of the hotel easily allows you to get to the city center. From five-minute walk you will be at the arrow of Vasilyevsky Island, Kunstkamera, the Hermitage and Palace Square.

On the ground floor of the building is situated our own restaurant Villaggio, working 24 hours. Breakfast is also served in the restaurant for hotel guests from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.


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